Song & Music

With a wide directory starting from World and Ethnic Music & Song, Jazz and Soul, from Pop Africa to Blues, MODEKMUSIC© aims to be to be a special entity by giving the opportunity to Artists coming from all over the showbizz world and particularly the Artists of the stage to make known their talents ; musical collaborations can be so created.

Dances & Scenic art

Much more than of simple gestures (movements), the dance, the scenography and the choregraphy play a leading role in the expression of the human feelings and emotions. No movement of an Artisit could better not express the speech of his/her soul if it is not the Artist him/herself !


Amaze the public and communicate him unique emotions and feelings by  privileged moments of big intensity, such are the talents which the artists will share with you. Thus come to discover them personally !

Altercadance A.S.B.L.

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