DJ ghost

Gustavo Morales aka DJ Ghost was born in Caracas in 1979.  He began his artistic life at a very young age, between dance and music. He studied music at "Jose Angel Lamas" in Caracas. He started to learn international percussion instruments and Afro-Venezuelan percussion in different schools, such as Bigott Foundation and The Trapatiesta (UCV). In adolescence he moved to Aragua, a city renowned for its proximity to the coast, and diversity and cultural enrichment in terms of drumming and other leather instruments and entered the Folkloric Group “Cumaco” in Ocumare de la Costa, Aragua State.


Gustavo is one of the founding members of the Groups "Saoco of Venezuela" and “Cuero y Sabor”. He has taken percussion classes with musicians like Giovanni Hidalgo, Andres Briceño and Estuardo Quiñones, among others and has spoken at events like the 1st. Drummers International Meeting at the UCV. In 2001 he began studying Music at the School of Arts at the Central University of Venezuela. Performing corporal expression workshop He currently serves as Professor and Instructor of Artistic Initiation for children aged 2-5 years, in Venezuela, Colombia and Luxembourg.


The musical taste that covers, the different genres with percussion, implemented through laptops and controllers, allowes him to create sounds and rhythms with percussive elements, acoustic and digital: music box, Kontrollers, synthesizers,  Afro-Venezuelan drums and other instruments, and expand as an artist. In these activities he has visited various places like Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Bonaire, Italy, Aruba and Curacao, among other countries.


Currently actively involved in vanguard and alternative culture, nationally and internationally, through Itinerantes A.S.B.L.


Now he resides the Gran Duchy of Luxembourg, where he's developing several projects for the association and also playing in different venues and european festivals and with different musicians...


Altercadance A.S.B.L.

Tel. : +352 26 51 06 59


9 rue des Champs / L-5515 Remich



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