Fabrice Richard


He made his debut onstage as a singer (Mezzogiorno, Karavan). He entered the Luxembourg Conservatory and studied Afro-Cuban percussion with Jérôme Goldschmidt. He deepens his game in different stages and during his stays in Cuba and New York with Roberto Viscaino, Pancho Quinto, Mario Jaurequi and José Madéra.

At the same time he studied West African percussion, followed courses in ethnomusicology (preparation for the C. A.) and integrated his knowledge through his compositions.

For several years, he has accompanied dance classes: African, Jazz, Rhythmic and contemporary with: Max Luna III (Alvin Ailey School in New York), Françoise Van Der Broeck (Lux), Li Marteling (Lux), Marielle Durupt (F), Nicole Aimont (Bel), Céline Mohnen (Belgium) with Tchekpo Dan Agbetou (Benin) and Modestine Ekete (Cameroon).

Fabrice took part in the recording of Modestine Ekete's Album Zing Ndada and accompanies Modestine Ekete in her concerts.

Altercadance A.S.B.L.

Tel. : +352 26 51 06 59

E-mail: cadansiza@gmail.com

9 rue des Champs / L-5515 Remich



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Crédit photos : Olivier Bouton