Originally from Dschang area (Cameroon), Modestine Ekete is a multidisciplinary artist who frequents the world of Bamiléké traditions very young. She discovered the theater in 1992 in Yaoundé and very early sought to be polyvalente.

In Paul Kengmo's Baobab Artistic Company, she learned dance, singing and percussion, participated in numerous competitions and tours, and then quickly became the first dancer of the company. In 1994, directed by André Takou Saa, she is the national winner of the first Concours de Danse Africaine Contemporaine. In 1995, she participated in the first meeting of Choreographic Creation of contemporary African Dance in Luanda (Angola) and enjoyed national success with the creation of "Keugni", as a dancer and assistant choreographer. As the only multi-disciplinary Cameroonian artist at the time, she is encouraged by her protector, director Vincent Ndoumbe Douala, Modestine Ekete chains the contracts, alternating dance, music and comedy, with the international directors and choreographers playing Molière, Buschner, Shakespeare at the theater and appearing from time to time in cinema and television in series such as "I will return", awarded it at the African Short Film Festival.

Modestine EKETE

In 1998, she arrived in France at the Festival des Arlequins de Cholet, where she won the second prize with the piece "A la tête du client" and the company Assimba. At the Théâtre de la Tempête, in Paris, it passes through the Ateliers Théâtrales of Philippe Adrien. But she is a singer and dancer, while she is a Cameroonian member of the National Dance Committee, that she was invited the same year to the Toursky Theater in Marseilles, within the framework of the commemoration of the abolition of slavery. In Marseille, she participates in the major cultural events of the city: La Fiesta des Suds, the Marseille Carnival, 2600 years of Marseille, La Massalia, the Women's Festival of the Sun, among others. In 2004, with a group of her formation, she represented France at The International Brouhaha Liverpool Festival. Modestine Ekete has been based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 2005 where she develops cultural projects around her three disciplines (Music, Dance, Theater). She is at the origin of the implantation of the African dance in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, thanks to the collaboration and support of local partners such as Kulturfabrik, TANSSI, ASTI, the Choreographic Creation Center of Luxembourg, ASTM, the CLAE. She is proud to have contributed to giving African dance a place until recently, missing from the cultural landscape of the country.

Songs & Musics

Author, Composer and Performer


Passionate about music and member of the SACEM Luxembourg, Modestine EKETE sings in Yemba, her mother tongue ;  in French, in other languages of Cameroon, also in Spanish.  She composes her songs with sanza, ndong (pygmy flute), drum, balafon, kouadeng, guitar. Her Afrobeat style, the fusion of his musical influences offered by the cultural diversity of Africa and in particular Cameroon. Modestine Ekete grew up in Cameroon where the musical richness is immense. She has been rocked by Assiko, Ben Skin, Bikutsi, Makossa, Jazz, Zouk, Patchanga (Salsa), Ngoumba, Pomedzong, Rumba, French music, etc. Her music is both traditional and contemporary. Modestine EKETE has sung in several plays she has performed as well as in dance performances. She sang in the International Choir of Yaoundé after a short passage within the Classical Chorale. But it is her performance at the Yaounde Festival "Jazz under the mango trees" alongside Pascal Mbouemeyi that will be the click to look at the writing of her own songs. The musical talent of Modestine EKETE is confirmed on the French stages, among others, the famous Fiesta of the South with the ensemble "Eurafrisia" in 1998 and 1999, or the "festival of women of the sun" in 1999 in Marseilles. In 2001, André BENEDETTO opened the door of the Carmelite theater in Avignon for the creation of his own show.


Modestine EKETE said : « C'est Le théâtre qui est venu vers moi ».  And yet she will become one of the most solicited actresses of Cameroon. Modestine EKETE, which was destined for medical studies, was ricochet on the boards after a fortuitous meeting with Karim Fota, author of "by four paths" in which she will hold one of the important roles, directed by Saïdou Abacha and Koung A Bepe. The family of the theater had just adopted her while she was still a teenager.  What ?! howls the family, who did not look favorably on his attraction for the profession of Artist. Because in Cameroon, as elsewhere, even though mentalities evolve, art is not considered a profession, especially for a young African woman : it means a nomadic life, without husband, without children, therefore a marginal, almost shameful existence to the banns of society. There is no reason for Modestine EKETE to return to the province because she has already taken a taste of the artistic atmosphere of the capital. Torn between her family and her job, she managed to break the gap with flexibility. "I got caught up in the game, and my mother, who showed great openness, let me make my way with the condition that I continue my studies".

Modestine EKETE was directed by directors and directors of different countries, Alex David Longang, André Benedetto, Herbert Fischer, Georges Deco, Douglas Rintoul, Jacobin Yaro, Marianne Karlberg, André Bang, Marc Deggeller, Felix Rellstab, Augustine Fouda, Daniel Losset...


2005 * "Julius Caesar" Shakespeare (Débora WARNER)

2002–2004 * "Le Cabaret Omar Khayam » (André BENEDETTO) tournée internationale

2001 * "le cabaret Omar Khayam" au Festival d’Avignon

2000 "Les Arpenteurs de la cité" (André BENEDETTO) au Festival d’Avignon

1998 * Prix Arlequins à Cholet avec  "A la tête du client" (Alex David Longang)

1997 * "Leonce et Lena Buschner (André BANG)

1997 * "Gibs" (Marc DEGELLER)

1996 * "L’opera de quat’sou" Brescht (Herbert FISHER)

1996 * "Aes" (Felix RELLSTAB, Marianne KARLBERG, Gralf -Ezard HABBEN)

1995 * "Looobhy" (Alex David LONGANG , Pascal Martine TAYOU)

1994 * "The courageous cry" (Edet EKPWOUEGNON) tournée nationale

1994 * "A la tête du client" (Alex David LONGANG) tournée nationale

1993 * "Partie D’opposition" (Daniel NDO), retransmission TV en direct

1992 * "Tartuffe" Molière (Georges DECO)

1992 * "Les contes du Cameroun" (Gérard BATREAU)

1991 * "Par quatre chemins » Fotah( Pierre KOUNG A BEPE)

1991 * "Aziza" (Georges Deco)


"En Afrique, qui dit chant dit musique et qui dit musique dit Danse" (Alphonse Thierou).

Modestine EKETE is a Cameroonian member of the NDC (National Dance Committee) ; First National Winner of the First Contemporary African Dance Competition in 1995 ; she is the BIT representative in Europe (Baobab International). She taught in Africa, Europe, America; has worked with renowned choreographers and teachers, Alphonse THIEROU, André TAKOU SAA, Mathilde MONIER, Josette BAIZ, Seydou BORO, Paul KENGMO, Salia SANOU... Aware of the cultural diversity offered by her native country, Modestine EKETE draws inspiration from the dances of different regions of Cameroon which she teaches in their traditional and modern form, while respecting their evolution. Her gestures tell us that African dance goes far beyond the shuddering of the body which it reflects in its own way, a universal social language that allows acceptance of differences, that it is a way of life of a global nature centered on the well being (the learning of the listening of self, the blossoming), the richness of its gesture gives the possibility to the practitioner to express the emotions pure from its true nature...). The technique of Modestine EKETE reminds us that our body is a formidable instrument of communication and not an empty envelope. Modestine EKETE develops an approach that is oriented towards an artistic expression based on everyday life, whose gestures, movements and speech allude to its roots, its deep impulses, as well as its technical and spiritual aspects. Her approach encompasses a discovery of oneself and others through body expression. Modestine EKETE also tries to bring into resonance words, sensations, feelings that sleep here and there in the body"; and she insists more on a knowledge to be than to focus on a know-how. She proposes an approach that adapts, also to western society doesn't want to propose a dance from a particular context, in a different context. Persuaded that the opening towards other arts can only be beneficial, Modestine EKETE does not hesitate, if necessary, to explore different experiences, especially with the visual artist and scenographer Pascal Martine TAYOU. The method Jacques LECOQ (movement) that she learned with Joyce HENDERSON allows him to raise awareness among pupils of the importance of the space in which they are called to evolve.


The realizations : 2008 Bricabrac, 2007 Sur la Place du Marché, de 2005à 2006 Lezing, 2003 Décadance, 2002 Zimna, 2001 Tuè-laah, 1999 Tempo, 1996 Paradoxe .


In collaboration with : Massalia, Carnaval de Marseille, The courageous cry, A la tête du client, Gibs, Looobhi, Le cabarêt Omar Khayam.


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